Torch Computers – Famous Computer Peripheral Company


Torch Computers is a computer hardware company situated in Great Shelford located at Cambridge, UK. It was created in the year 1982 and was famous for the computer peripherals especially for its BBC micro. The main work done by the company was to produce second processors with integrated hard disks and floppy drives along with several other processors like Graduate […]

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Tips on The Best Ways to Print and Display Photos from Your Mobile Phone

mobile printing and photo frames

Technologies advance rapidly and the phone cameras that were once only capable of taking blurry photos can now create magnificent art. Many like to take advantage of the camera in their pocket to create some spectacular pictures. And while some of the phone pictures might only be good for our social networks, there are others that are worthy of a […]

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Some Useful Facts About Contracts & The Law

know the rules of contract law

Here is an easy to follow report on consumer and commercial contracts! Boring you may think, however if you’ve ever found yourself at the wrong end of a contract – for a mobile or otherwise –  simply because you were not clear about what you were signing then you will know the importance of these basics. Also at the end, […]

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