20th Century Art – An Authentic Style

The Victorian era continued until the outbreak of the World War I. After that, there was a change in the style of painting. The modernist works were preferred most by the critics as well as artists as it gave a fresh dimension to professional canvas painters. Some of the arts portrayed during this period are considered to be less fashionable in the recent days.

Some Scottish colourists of this period used colours and bright light to make the art look attractive. Pastoral subjects were used as the theme in the paintings after the ruins of World War I. Stanley Spencer was the artist whose works made the initiative for the famous art deco form. The London School for Figurative Painters has got an international recognition for collections from this era. Certain paintings that were based on the European painting culture like a girl with a white dog are anti-romantic and gave a new face to the painting.

Alan Davie, who was interested in Zen and mythology, expressed his ideas and thoughts through the abstract paintings. This became a popular form of art during the 1950’s. This is the time when pop arts were started, and it was considered as the future of painting. Many of these arts were praised by the journals too.

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