3 Mobile Network – One Of The Largest Networks In The Country


3 Mobile Network is one of the most favourite mobile networks in UK which offers good call and message rates. The plans can be shaped up according to the requirements of the user as it has a range of tariffs that can be opted by the user himself. This network has a wide coverage of eight nations and hence it is advantageous for the customers who make international calls often.

This network has very good handsets with the latest technology updated in it which makes the 3G usage easier. As it supports the mix and match facility and allows, the user to create plans according to their needs. The payment can also be done monthly or according to the plan designed.

Three Skype phones were launched in the country for the first time to support the VOIP. As the 3G connection is fast and good, it is possible for all the users to enjoy the internet facility without any interruptions. This company is a part of Hong Kong’s Hutchison Whampoa Company, and it started its branch in UK in the year 2003. It has the record of fastest 3G rollout in history. One of the famous services launched by the company is SeeMeTV through which a customer can send a video message to another.

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