About Me

1888673_10203912259464932_4229539423555520985_nHi all….! I am.Sara Rose I am a professor and I love writing articles across websites. I belong to the arts department in a renowned university. This is one of the favourite blogs of mine. Hope you had a good time reading this blog and it was of some use to you. Apart from writing I love cooking, going for long drives and swimming as they help me to refresh my mind. This blog has some of my experiences included in this as I have visited UK several times for my official work. As this country’s culture fascinated me I did a research about it and wrote this blog.

This field interests me as I have a great opportunity to enlighten the minds of younger generation. I am also a researcher, I love doing reach works about my subject and different teaching methods followed by various countries round the world. This is a fascinating job for persons who have a social mind set and patience part of their nature. This field also gives you opportunities to meet many people around the world as students and colleagues. It also allows you to experiment many teaching techniques to illuminate the student’s mind.

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