Apricot Computers – Competitor To Many Popular Companies


This company is of British origin and is a computer manufacturer of mainly personal computers in the United Kingdom. It was established in the year 1965 under the name applied computer techniques later changed as Apricot Computers Limited. It was completely a UK based company until the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation entered in early 1990.

The purpose of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation combining with Apricot Computers was their aim to get a good hold on the Japanese market against the NEC, which had about 50% of the market in its control. Later Apricot was shut down by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and again in the year 2008 it was re-established in UK as an independent company.

This is a hardware company that is known for its innovation. They build all the parts in a computer except the integrated circuits. They initiated and completed many successful technical innovations in hardware like the inclusion of 3.5 inches floppy drive in the computers even before the famous companies in 1990.

They also created a secure computer system for the government of UK. The main disadvantage of this company is that they never wanted to let down the unsuccessful Micro Channel Architecture, which was used by the famous company in earlier days which led to a financial crisis at Apricot.

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