Arts Forms Of U.K In The 18th Century

The classical age of art in the country was 1750 – 1790. During this time, the famous style was the contemporary arts of famous artists like George Stubbs, Joseph Wright of Derby and so on. Those times the artists were known by theirs specializations like animal painting, face painting and so on. In the 1780’s it was believed that artists were one of the wealthiest men in the country, and they were very famous and their news formed the headlines in various newspapers. Their works were the talk of the town.

Reynolds was one of such famous artists in Britain who returned from Italy after mastering the modern and classical form of art. His arts were different and fashionable; hence it was preferred by many at that time. He was very good at depicting the moods of human emotions in the painting that was considered to be one of his strong points. A Society for promoting the arts was set up in the year 1754. After that many societies supporting the artists had been built out of them, the society established by Reynolds was the first to introduce a proper course based on art. It inspired many aspiring young artists.

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