Contemporary Art Forms That Are Famous In U.K

Young artists in Britain prefer the postmodern contemporary art forms. The famous Turner Prize that was initiated in the year 1984 acts as the award that kindles new interests in the contemporary paintings. Saatchi is a collection of paintings that created a lot of controversies in the countries like United Kingdom and United States of America.

The main piece that centred the controversy was titled Myra, and it was a painting that depicted the murder of Myra Hindley.The painting was sketched by the artist named Marcus Harvey. When this art was about to be displayed in a museum in America, the controversy started that reflected in United Kingdom also.

Banksy is the person who made the street graffiti popular in the early stages that are considered as a mainstream art these days. Antony Gormley is another famous sculptor who creates his work based on the human body using metals. Some of his famous works include the Angel of the North which is about 66 feet high located in a place near Gateshead and is also known to be one of the biggest sculptures that was created in the 2000’s. Many of the structures are now done using natural materials.

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