GST Computers – A group Of Computer Based Companies


It is a group of companies based on computers established on 1979 in Cambridge, England as its base. The founder of this concern is Jeff Fenton. It has worked with many other computer companies like Monotype Corporation, Sinclair Research, Acorn Computers, and Torch Computers.

The other companies that are included in this group are GST software products which is responsible for the retail software production, GST professional services it became OTIB A.T after it was sold, GST training centre a software provider based on class who give training in Cambridge, UK and electronic software a concern dedicated to the game production mainly for home computers.

The software development company was the initial identity for GST computers. It was later interested in operating system production after involving in Sinclair Research. The GST also acted as a leading supplier of the Atari systems.

The company’s first desktop application was developed in the year 1987 and was sold in USA by timework Inc. This was a leading product in the market until the competitor Microsoft entered the race in the year 1993 which later sent the company out of the race. Later the product was marketed under various names in the market.

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