Infringement Of Photographs – It Helps You


In certain cases there will be only a part of photograph that is required by a person, for example, in a photograph of a palace or temple there will be lot of artistic works and in them you will require only a part and in these situations infringement can be preferred.

There will be cases where it is not possible to find the rightful owner of a picture there infringement come to your rescue. There will be situations where the press photographer may take a picture of a person related to news and modify it according to the requirement and publish it. That does not mean he has violated any rules as certain photos do not possess independent copyright.

Certain groups of people argue that photographs should be treated and protected as an art while the others deny it. They add that an item has to be protected based on its originality, and the government’s judgement will be based on the labour and skill. If the originality in an item is low, then there is no requirement for any protection. Works like taking a photo of three-dimensional objects will be considered as original, and there will be no argument about the copyright issue.

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