Network With High Quality Service


This is a network that supports many ways of payments like monthly or simplicity options. Loyal customers in this network will be awarded with extra talk time and tickets for VIP. This network gives competitive tickets. This network has developed its range of customers mainly due to the innovative ideas in the marketing and planning. It also has a high standard of customer service that attracts many people towards the company. It is also one of the largest and widest networks in the country.

It has got some awards in the mobile market and one of it is that the best mobile phone network of the year 2008. This is actually a European telecommunication company. In the year 2007 it gained a tie up with an Iphone Company. O2 Cocoon is a handset that set new standards in the designing of phone and it was a proud creation of the company. After purchasing a UK firm it entered the broadband market and launched its own ISP that helps its customers for internet usage.

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