Photographic Actions That Lead To Punishments


There are certain actions in photography that may help a traitor knowingly or unknowingly to plan against the nation that will cause a lot of problems to the government. Hence in order to avoid such circumstances there are some rules that are laid by the U.K government to protect the nation.

This is not only the case in United Kingdom but is also prevalent in many other countries like United States of America, India, Spain, Iceland, Mexico and so on. It is also said that sharing a photograph of a man in the service related to the security of the government without his consent might lead to terror attacks hence it is strictly prohibited.

These actions come under the anti-terrorism act and defence act of the country. Possessing or taking a photograph that might help in a terrorist activity will be considered as an offence and severe action will be taken against them under the anti-terrorism acts of the country.

But still there are some laws that can help a person who has done such an action unintentionally or without knowing the rules of the place. With proper proof and reason, there is a possibility of the person to come out from the problem.

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  • Ren

    This article is useful to know the reasons why the government has imposed such restrictions in public places though it causes some sort of inconvenience to the tourists.