Some Useful Facts About Contracts & The Law

know the rules of contract law

Here is an easy to follow report on consumer and commercial contracts!

Boring you may think, however if you’ve ever found yourself at the wrong end of a contract – for a mobile or otherwise –  simply because you were not clear about what you were signing then you will know the importance of these basics.

Also at the end, should you want it, there are the contact details of some good professionals to contact should you need them.

About Contracts

Contracts tend to exist prior to any trading of goods and services. The business relationships depend on these contracts and they can either be implied or explicit.

However, problems still occur despite the fact that contracts are in place and these issues may arise due to several misunderstandings or errors which at times occur due to the willfulness or ignorance of one or both of the trading parties.

Fortunately, if you follow the advise of an expert correctly, you will be able to reduce the chances of damage and even be able to claim for reparation.

Legal images (18)Contract Law is complex

Contract law gets amended and it becomes more complicated time after time. Recently, the largest growth field has been in the software and internet related contracts. However, the growth in contracts has not been limited to these two areas.
A contract is basically a legal agreement between any number of parties. It may be between partners, a customer and a seller, agents or even between staff members and any of these can be ones who are breaching the contract you have.

Explicit and Implied Contracts.

Whether the contact is written or implied, laws still apply in each case. If you are having trouble with any contract agreement, then you should seek expert advise as soon as possible.

Remember that even a case where there’s no written contract, all parties involved still have responsibilities and obligations to fulfill prior to the agreement.

Day To Day Consumer Organisations that can help

Gloucestershire City Council have a great guide on consumer protection with sections covering the law here: Consumer Law & Contracts

Also, as consumers the Citizen Advice Bureau has their broad sweeping Consumer Guide which many people find useful. However if your case is serious and is of high value, typically £10,000 or more then you will be best placed to look for professional paid advice. Traditionally people have gone to solicitors in the first instance, but quite often a Barrister is the better and more cost effective option.

Advantages of seeking advise form a professional barrister.

For you to be able to solve any problem you might be experiencing, it is important to talk to a specialist barrister who has clear understanding and the know how, when it comes to commercial law disputes and contractual law.

The barrister will be able to asses the details of your case, the arguments and any written contract as well. The specialist will then be able to advise you on how you can proceed to have a successful resolution.

Get the legal advise as soon as possible.

Rather that going through the daunting process of being referred to a barrister by a solicitor, nowadays you can contact some barristers directly. This way you will be able to get the right legal advise faster. Avoiding these unnecessary delays will also avoid the additional expenses incurred when going through a solicitor.

For such a situation, you can contact Stewart Patterson via email or through the phone. He is an experienced barrister and is well vast in commercial law as well as contract law issues.

If you take action now, you can be guaranteed that the process will be easy and fast. You will be able to see that you are dealing with a professional. You can as well inquire this through a simple phone call or a direct email which is free to do.

His contact details are on the contact page here:
Stewart Patterson Barrister, Contract Law Expert
Click this link to find more on his article about Implied & Explicit Contracts Issues

You should contact Patterson immediately if:

1. One violates the terms of a contract, written or otherwise
2. You wish for an expert opinion on a contract that is yet to be official.
3. You have a contract issue with a partnership, an agency or a franchise holder.
4. A customer or a suppler has fail to meet their obligations.


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