The Popular Art Form Of U.K – Victorian Art

Most of the paintings during the Victorian period were based on the literary and religious base that was represented in the colourful manner including minute details and reducing the loose paint brush work. Morris was the person who asked the people to return to the hand works done by the artists rather than the industrial works as they had more creative value.

One of such efforts led to the creation of tile and wallpaper design. Edwin Landseer was one of the most expensive and famous artists of the era, and he was specialised in the animal painting and it was the favourite category of the then Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.

In the later years, all of their works copyright was got by the other painters and reproduced to make more money out of it. Some famous portraits were also used on the covers of products like soap and wine. The works were reviewed, and views were published in newspapers that allowed the artists fame to go up or decrease.

Civil war and history were the subjects for many painters. They represented the lifestyle of many famous personalities on canvas. Social condition of the public is another theme that can be found in many paintings of this era.

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