The restrictions Laid On Photography


Usually taking photos of a private property from a public place cannot be restricted. Similarly, photos can be taken of a private property with a permission of the owner. It is the right of the legal owner of any property to impose restrictions on his land but not on any other property.

The two main public properties in United Kingdom Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square have some photography restrictions that have to be followed strictly mainly for commercial purposes. The permission letter from the mayor or management officials is a must along with some fee.

If a person is not ready to obey to such restrictions, then it will be considered as a legal offence. Photography inside the court premises when the trial is on then it will be considered as a serious crime that can be punished with the prison sentence.

Such actions are prohibited in court as it is the matter of maintaining the dignity of the court. There is an act stating that taking photos of children under the age of 18 years in public is not a crime, but still it will be considered as a crime if the pornography of children is the case.

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  • david

    I am a photographer and going for a shoot to U.K in few days. This article has helped me to know the restriction related to photography in the country.