Tiny Computers – Innovative Makers In Computers


Tiny Computers is a British based company located in Salfords in Red Hills, UK. Due to some losses in the year 2002 the company was sold to their rival OEM Time groups. This company was very successful in early 1990 with a lot of branches all over England and also far from places like America and the Far East. They have a record of selling about 400,000 units in the year 2000.  It is also told that in August 2001 they signed a deal with a Scottish company Fullarton Computers. The worth of the deal was about £40m.

Takami system was the home theatre personal computer that was first introduced in the month of March 2001. The computers were sold in flat boxes similar to VHS players. Other equipments related to movies and plasma television was sold. But still the Takami system was not a success, and only about 5000 pieces were sold. The next innovation done by the company was tiny trainer. The main motto of this was to help the persons who do not have any idea or very little idea about the computers. This purpose was solved by the virtual instructor created by VSI communication group and called as Tiny Computers.

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