Torch Computers – Famous Computer Peripheral Company


Torch Computers is a computer hardware company situated in Great Shelford located at Cambridge, UK. It was created in the year 1982 and was famous for the computer peripherals especially for its BBC micro. The main work done by the company was to produce second processors with integrated hard disks and floppy drives along with several other processors like Graduate and Unicorn, Z80 Disc Pack with certain specifications. Communicator was also sold by the company that was based on the BBC micro. Later a triple X workstation was developed by the company that was based on the Motorola Company.

It sold in good numbers but did not attract many people as it was suppressed by the competitor Sun Microsystems. Later it again upgraded the product but unfortunately it was also a failure. When it tried again to develop a new version a financial problem occurred, this led to many problems in the company. Hence, several parts of the company were sold to different other concerns. After the sale, the company’s name was converted to Torch Computers Ltd and the products sold in the company today are LCD displays that are used for the art displays and digital signature.

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